Luna de Agosto 2012




This vineyard of old garnacha only has 870 vines. It was planted more than 79 years ago, in the hillsides of Algairén's mountain range, in in the derivations of the Iberian System, to an altitude of  730 meters. System of conduction in “gobelet” and plantation ungrafted (pie franco) in royal frame to 2,20 x 2,20 meters. Soil is slaty, with calcareous rocky substratum, a poor soil that gives reduced productions. Production in 2012 was less than 1 kilograme per vine.



The slaty soils and the local microclimate allow an ecological viticulture: the low rains (350 liters / year), high temperatures and good ventilation do that both the mildiu and other diseases are very scanty. Therefore, only a few treatments against mildiu with copper are needed, and the main treatment is made with sulphur in powder against the oidio. The fight against the moth is carried out by feromonas. We do not use herbicides to control the bad grasses and the fertilization is organic.



The manual harvest was made on September 30th, and the grapes were carried to the winery in cases of 15 kilos. Grapes were de-stemmed by hand and were put in 4 new French Allier oak barrels. The temperature of the grapes was lowered with carbonic ice and it was kept to 12ºC during 7 days.  During the alcoholic fermentation, which was carried out by autochthonous yeasts, the cap was punched down by hand twice a day.

The pressing was made by a wood hydraulic vertical manual press with a capacity of 300 kilos. The wine made the malolactic fermentation in barrels and then it has remained for 13 months in 3 casks of French Allier oak  François Frères and Darnajou.

The process of bottling this wine was carried out with no previous filtration in june 2014. Limited production to 878 bottles.



The spring was drier and colder than other years. The flowering produced to itself at the beginning of June with warm and dry weather that led to a good fruit set. During the summer the drought reduced the grape production, which together with the high temperatures, they led to the ripeness was going forward and therefore the date of vintage, about one week. Nevertheless, the above mentioned climatology favored the absence of diseases and a limited production was obtained, but of great quality.



Cherry-red color very deep. Aroma of good intensity, elegant, with mineral notes, fruit in jam, and a great expression of the terroir. In mouth it is powerful, full-bodied, with good concentration and excellent balance, freshly, balsamic and fruity with mature tannins and a aromatic  and varietal end.



P.I. Entreviñas




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