Quinta Mazuela Garnacha 2014




The vineyard is placed in the hillsides of Algairén's mountain range, in the derivations of the Iberian System, to an altitude of 649 meters. It was plantes 59 years ago, with gobelet as system conduction. Soil is dun limy and reddish with gravel (called “cascajo” in this zone), with calcareous rocky substratum, is a poor soil that gives reduced productions.



This wine has been elaborated with grapes of a single vineyard of Garnacha. The process involves manual harvest, selection of the grape at the winery and filling vats with the de-stemmed grapes, lowering the temperature with carbonic ice and supporting to 12 centigrade degrees for 7 days. This is followed by fermentation in a French Allier oak vats of 50Hl. with 28 days of maceration. After being overpumped and stirred by hand, malolactic fermentation takes place in French Allier oak barrel.

The process of bottling this wine was carried out with no previous filtration in July 2016, having remained 17 months in French oak barrel (one year old). Limited production to 1.998 bottles.



The autumn was rainy followed by a long and dry winter but without frosts. The spring rains fell down in April as in the normal years. The vineyard, in spite of having sufficient water, appeared very slow. Nevertheless, the raise of temperatures at the end of April extracted the vineyard from the lethargy. There were high temperatures and without rains during the flowering producing a good fruit set. The summer was normal, with climatological conditions that were adapted for the maturity of the grape and the quality of this vintage was excellent.



Cherry red and deep color. Intense aroma, with red fruit like raspberries and currants, with notes of fennel, combined with spicy and balsamic aromas in perfect harmony with the oak. In mouth it is fresh, elegant, beefy, wide and with an excellent balance, with mature tannins and very long finish.





P.I. Entreviñas, vial 1




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